The Horror of Chores

It has been a while since I’ve posted here!

So much has happened too, long story short; engaged, and living the Caucasian lifestyle in a crazy huge mansion!

Brock is at work so I made us some dinner tonight, love me some steak gurrrldinners-done_001-2

I guess I should get some chores done to while I’m at it, oh wow! I FOUND OUR DOG!

Wait..what the powers out? Brock must have sent the bill in late.

Really the phone too??

And who keeps leaving the doors open??


Oh wait…cellphone duh! Who keeps calling me? I have like 5 missed calls..probably that Patrisha bish


I’m so over all this nonsense, gonna text Yani to come down here and help me sort out this mess, we don’t need a man to solve our problems. No Sir!


What is taking so long? Does anyone even check their phone anymore!! Great I’m at 1%..wait I havn’t uploaded a selfie in a while, my followers probably think I’m dead! Let me just pull that up sweet filter….wait whos in the background..nope nope I’m out!

I tripped over Grant’s fancy pathways, S.O.S WHITE WOMAN IN DISTRESS


Great the gate is locked..


I’m to hot for this! No way I’m going down without a fight, OVER MY RICH HOT DEAD BODY!!

Safe for be continued??



Museum Day <3


Hey babes! have you heard on the newest Museum on the Grid? Fancy Decor has opened The Vordun, a museum full of all kinds of classical art, featuring a Titanic exhibit, as well as a wing dedicated to a local SL artist!

So my Madre got us all to check it out last night. Unfortunately it was pretty busy and laggy so I didn’t have time to take pictures. BUT today I took my lovely daughter Liah, and we got some AWESOME pics!


So the first room gives you a HUD and it talks all about all of the paintings. They are a breathtaking collection of classical pieces, and the complete history of some of them. Be sure to take a listen if you have time.


The Titanic exhibit is absolutely amazing. But bring your emotion switch because it is a powerful display of the sad story. In the beginning you are given a ticket with the name of a passenger for you to follow through the journey that is this beautiful ship. There are actors who tell their versions of their experience, from the captain to a passenger, to the man who spotted the iceberg. At the end you can search for your passenger’s name to see if they were saved or lost.




The opposite wing is where the Lip Service exhibit is located. This gallery shows the work series of a Second Life artist’s work of watercolor lips. These powerful and fun lips show all kinds of emotions and struggles. They are definitely worth a look.


Be sure to visit the Gift Shop on your way out! You can buy all kinds of things, like collectible mugs from the temporary exhibits as well as the permanent art collection. Be sure to go and take a look around before the Titanic and Lip Service exhibits are gone!

Titanic will be there till October 9th and Lip Service till mid September, if I remember correctly.


Liah’s favorite was the Titanic exhibit ❤

Tiny Arts


Hi Babes! This is Little Arts here (Coley) and I have been spending a bit more time on my little lately. Got her all dressed up and ready for school! I recently heard about a Princess school, and it is literally Hogwarts with Princesses xD


So first off I got sorted into Zircon Hall! We are pretty awesome people who get Jasmine as our Hall Mascot! The sorting ceremony was amazing! I was giggling and squealing the whole time! And was delighted when the sorting Tiara turned green for the house I really wanted 😀


This is the giant Library! It has books for miles and miles! There may e more books then people in da world xD


This is the Art classroom. My favorite, obviously xD Ennaline and I painted flowers in this class together! And mine won 3rd place at the art fair for the whole school!


And last, the coolest class of all… MERMAID CLASS We learned how to be a mermaid and how to find underwater treasures! I made a cool pearl necklace out of my treasures. With a fork! ❤

Last Call


Hey babes! The Dragovars have been super busy this past month! So sorry for the lack of updates D:

 But we are back at it again with the white vans.. Wait. No, we are at the beach, having drinks and relaxing after decorating the new family land! We have this long stretch of beach and Bunneh told us to get on our swimsuits and get our bums down to the beach, so we did.


Here you see Dave burying his feet in the sand and soaking up some rays like the diva he wishes to be.



And we got the cutest bar tender ever. We tipped her in cookies ❤

Dragovars On the Move


Hey babes! So the little one and I have jumped on the moving train and decided to buy that new version of that old Roost house. Which is now 100000 times easier to decorate haha! Especially for me, the decorating hater and all around slowest decorator ever >.>

In the meantime of me avoiding decorating, I got us to snap this quick photo which I am pretty much in love with! Look how cute we are! We have the family dog, and Nivaya remembered her toys. Look at my strong little kiddo. Though she may have taken her uncle’s advice and ran around with an empty box all day. Or at least I suspect.

You actually got a small glimpse of Nivaya’s room in the last post seeing the pranks. She is so much faster than me haha. We did get down to business; however, and painted the living room pretty quickly! ❤


The Angels Have The Phone Box

So! MY LOVELY brother… after I went on a lovely shopping trip, bought 3 adorable tank tops, put away ALL the foods! ENVI Decides to put Weeping Angels all over our yard!

So I open my front door to SUDDEN DEATH


Followed by…

Nivaya had a nice surprise in her closet, ad well as our well and the TARDIS 😦

Good prank though bro ❤

And our dear friend Mimi took it upon herself to defend my honor xD

By murdering his cats….

It was so….